Mike Craver, Bill Hicks, Jim Watson reunited
Eno '01 - Mighty Fine!

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Return of the RCR founders...
The standing ovation from the crowd at the Festival for the Eno showed Bill Hicks, Mike Craver, and Jim Watson that the reunion of the original Red Clay Ramblers after 20 years was all the fans hoped it would be.  Mighty fine!
Set List
Fourth of July at the County Fair
Rockingham Cindy
Telephone Girl
The Ace
The Hobo's Last Letter
Daniel Prayed
Yellow Rose of Texas
The Winding Stream
Aragon Mill
Beale Street Blues
Traveling That Highway Home 
(with Robin & Linda Williams and Libby Hicks)
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Festival for the Eno
Durham, NC
July 4, 2001
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Bill & Libby Hicks
Bill & Libby's homepageeno_bill.jpg (50456 bytes)New CD! South of Nowhere info
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Robin & Linda Williams
Jim Watson

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Who took the pics?  Hold your mouse on one.   Those named *_sykes are by Debbie Sykes.  The rest are by Bren Overholt.

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