Jim Watson - Don't Tell Me, I Don't Know
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Barker 1218 (1999) Jim Watson's first solo record with friends Bill Hicks, Mike Craver, Chris Frank, Robin & Linda Williams, Kevin Maul, Bill Newton, Joe Newberry, Leroy Savage, Tony Williamson, Gary Williamson, Jerry Brown, Scott Huffman, Alice Gerrard

Them Beautiful Bottles, Just Keep Waiting 'Til the Good Times Come, I'm Going to the West, Walls of Time, Elzic's Farewell, Faded Coat of Blue, Bill Mason, My Carolina Sunshine Girl, Young Emily, Mother The Queen of My Heart, Sugar Coated Love, Reunion in Heaven, Miss the Mississippi and You, and 
Leaving Home

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Jim Watson
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Reviews Raleigh News & Observer review of Don't Tell Me,  I Don't Know: "With Watson singing his trademark high tenor lead on every song, it's a very fine sound, indeed.  The album is brimming with highlights....the finest traditional music recording to sprout from the Triangle's fertile fields in many years."...read the full text!

Charlie Gravel, Old Time Herald review: "The truth is, to do this one justice the bin divider in the CD store would pretty much have to be labeled, "String-Band, Eclectic." Despite the mix of styles, moods and tempoes, Jim manages to stay true to the forms, resulting in a comfortable recording that balances tradition with authentic originality.

"This recording opens with a rousing and joyful Hank Bradley tune called "Them Beautiful Bottles." This number features Watson on vocal, guitar, bass and mandolin, Bill Hicks on fiddle, and Joe Newberry on clawhammer banjo—a high-energy, good-time. Jim’s singing is high, quirky, and thoroughly engaging, and the song whets the appetite for the material that follows.

"While there are no weak spots on this one, there are a few cuts in particular that kept me coming back. "I’m Going to the West," so well done recently by Jody Stecher & Kate Brislin, here features the wonderful harmonies of the Fine Group, with Linda and Robin Williams. Both versions are what the "repeat-play" button was meant for! "Leaving Home," a Frankie and Johnny variant, is a ripping duet vocal with Alice Gerrard. "Elzic’s Farewell" is an ancient-sounding modal fiddle tune that features Bill Hicks’ fine bowing with Jim’s mandolin. There’s a funny and wonderful version of Jimmie Rodgers’ "My Carolina Sunshine Girl." (There’s just something magic about the lilting rhythm of that one.)  We also get a taste of The Green Level Entertainers ("Walls of Time" and "Sugar Coated Love"), Mike Craver (harmony vocal on "Faded Coat of Blue"), and Tony and Gary Williamson (Flatt & Scruggs’ "Reunion in Heaven"). And scattered about in there, we get fine piano from Chris Frank and more of that great Newberry banjo."

Our thoughts: "With Jim, Mike, Bill, and old-time music, Jim's new CD is like listening to the Original Red Clay Ramblers.  What more could possibly need to be said?" ...RCR_fan

Souvenirs CD celebration concert flyer.  Just imagine Jim Watson, Bill Hicks, Mike Craver, Alice Gerrard, and the Green Level Entertainers in the same show!  Jim made it happen with his CD celebration concert March 27, 1999, St. Bartholomew's Church, Pittsboro, NC.

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