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The Rappahanock Americana Music Festival

Washington, VA

May 17, 2014

Ben Jones introduces Bill Hicks, Jim Watson, Joe Newberry, and Mike Craver.  Ben admits he's known Bill for 53 years since their days at UNC. 
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Rockingham Cindy
The Man From Tennessee
I'm Getting Ready to Go
Aragon Mill
Tying 10 Knots in the Devil's Tail
You've Been A Friend To Me
Big Sciota
Missouri Borderland
Merchants Lunch
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Enjoying the show
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Photos and video by Bren Overholt.
Beautiful setting at Avon Hall.
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The entrance to the festival grounds describes the founding of "Little Washington" surveyed and platted by George Washington...August 4, 1749.

"The First Washington of All"

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 3 TO GET READY FOR THE SHOW: (1)The Firm's warmup was joined by friend Lorraine Duisit from the band Mandalele and formerly with Trapezoid. (2)Chris Brashear rehearsed with CHWN to be ready to join in the finale.  Chris plus Jim equals "Their Fine Group" touring with Robin & Linda Williams. (3)Ben Jones' group Big Buster and the Dirty Dogs just finished their set and Joe Newberry is getting ready for the CHWN set. 

"The Man from Tennessee"
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