old time music, new and vintage, with early Red Clay Ramblers favorites
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Spotlight by Starlight Concert Series
Mason District Park Amphitheater
Annandale, VA
August 23, 2015
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Are we there yet? Yes!  The sign says "Craver Hicks Watson Newberry"
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Rockingham Cindy
The Man From Tennessee
I'm Getting Ready to Go
Aragon Mill
Tying 10 Knots in the Devil's Tail
Piney Mountains
Rabbit in the Pea Patch
What Does the Lonesome Dove Say
Casey Jones
How Does A Glass Eye Work
Uncle Charlie's Revenge
You've Been A Friend To Me
Texas Gals
Long Time Traveling
Merchants Lunch
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Set up with awesome Soundman Dave
Tools of the trade
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Set list
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Click on any pic for a larger view.
Photos by Bren Overholt.

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Penny Gross, Mason District Supervisor, introduces the band.
Circling around the beautiful venue
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Darkness falling
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As perfect as a summer night in August can be, shady, gentle breeze, sun going down

"The Man From Tennessee"
A professional video! Many thanks to writer and videographer Bob Kovacs who generously allowed us to share his work on this site.  You can read more about Bob on his website, www.bobkovacs.com.
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"Rabbit in the Pea Patch"
(This amateur vid and the one below by webgal Bren Overholt)

"You've Been a Friend to Me"
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Ahhhh to be a fly on the wall. Allan Jabbour visits with Joe and Bill before the show.  Obviously they are pondering deep old-time secrets.
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Jim and the busy CD table after the show.
More recent concert pics

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