old time music, new and vintage, with early Red Clay Ramblers favorites
Craver, Hicks, Watson, Newberry
ArtsCenter, Carrboro NC
July 28, 2013

Bill Hicks, Jim Watson, Joe Newberry, and Mike Craver
Photo by Daniel Coston
Rockingham Cindy
The Man From Tennessee
I'm Getting Ready To Go
Aragon Mill
Tying 10 Knots in the Devil's Tail
Texas Gals
Missouri Borderland
You've Been A Friend to Me
How Does a Glass Eye Work?
Piney Mountains
Miller's Reel
Beale Street Blues
Rabbit in the Pea Patch
Kiss Me Quick
Uncle Charlie's Revenge
Lowe Bonnie
50 Miles of Elbow Room
Molly Put the Kettle On
Casey Jones
Uncloudy Day
What Does the Lonesome Dove Say
Sally Ann
Merchants Lunch
Long Time Traveling
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Photo by Daniel Coston
Oh happy day!  One of the first folks your webgal saw at the CHWN ArtsCenter show was Daniel Coston.  Daniel is a wonderful professional photographer who has photographed the band and shared his photos with us over the years. 

Daniel has also published North Carolina Musicians: Photographs And Conversations (2013) This book features 140 of photos, 19 interviews, and stories about working with musicians throughout North Carolina.  One of those photos is Craver, Hicks, Watson, Newberry at the Carter Fold in June 2003.  That night, Johnny Cash also took the stage to memorialize his wife June Carter Cash who had passed away the month before. Johnny also appeared at the Fold two weeks later, and those were his live performances. 
Craver, Hicks Watson Newberry at the Carter Family Fold 2003.

Enjoy Daniel's photos in this next section.
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Thank you Daniel Coston!
Photos and videos  below by Bren Overholt. 
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“Nobody better exemplifies the Carrboro - Chapel Hill music scene of a certain era than the quartet of Mike Craver, Bill Hicks, Jim Watson, and Joe Newberry. Craver, Hicks, and Watson belonged to the Red Clay Ramblers during their most glorious period, while banjo player, singer, and songwriter Joe Newberry fits in perfectly. The four deliver energetic and diverse music of an imagined southern place and time with absolutely the perfect tone and spirit. Nothing can make you feel as young as this fine old string band music,” says Art Menius, ArtsCenter Executive Director (pictured at left)

VIEW FLYER with Daniel Coston's publicity shot
preshow_bill_Joe255.jpg (1011749 bytes)
Bill and Joe
And from the Indy Week: Craver, Hicks, Watson and Newberry. Sure, the name suggests a small-town law firm, but Craver, Hicks, Watson and Newberry are a Tar Heel institution of another sort—education and entertainment. Four walking and talking roots-music lexicons, the members of this eponymous quartet are frenetic performers, uproarious entertainers and seasoned players all. They're a vital wellspring of regional heritage, a living library that delights from the stage.—Grayson Currin

More concert pics

preshow_jim_tom257.jpg (65602 bytes)
Jim and Tom O
V I D E O S   F R O M   T H E   S H O W

"Sally Ann"
Unfortunately, the memory card wasn't up to the task and ran out of room shortly before the rousing finish.  We'll try again at the next show, but the full version is available on the band's new CD "You've Been A Friend To Me."

"Aragon Mill"
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