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Mike Craver, Bill Hicks, and Jim Watson
joined for the first time by Joe Newberry on banjo
Carter Family Fold, Hiltons, Virginia
June 21, 2003
317rcrsign.jpg (111288 bytes) Clive Barnes said of the Red Clay Ramblers's music: "the real, the authentic America."  Our former RCRs were playing tonight in the the real, the authentic America, a legendary band in a legendary location.
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Scenes before the show
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Mike's sound check
Joe and Bill chat with Janette Carter
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I wanted a pic of the possum crossing sign.  Bill and daughter Anna just happened to be in the pic ;-)
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Janette Carter kept us company waiting for the show, and the band gave us an extra set. 324warmup_mirrors.jpg (54569 bytes)
325crowd.jpg (41482 bytes) The packed house awaits the start of the show

The first time the Red Clay Ramblers played the Carter Family Fold, the performance was covered by the Smithsonian magazine.  This latest time, Johnny Cash opened the show in memory of his wife June Carter Cash, who passed away just a few weeks ago and would have celebrated her birthday this week.  "This is the first time I've been here without my baby, " Cash said.  "The pain of a loss like that, it's just indescribable. But this is part of the healing process for me.  And I know June is here with us, because she loved this place and she loved all of you."
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Johnny Cash, joined by his son and daughter-in-law, played Folsom Prison Blues, Sunday Morning Coming Down, Angel Band, I Walk the Line, and Ring of Fire.  He needed help to get to the stage and sat while he played, but Johnny Cash's voice was as strong and deep and powerful as ever.  He appeared again on the stage of the Carter Family Fold two weeks later, July 5, 2003, his last public performance.

Our guys take the stage!
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Bill's solo "When Bacon Was Scarce/Ryestraw"
Set 1
Rockingham Cindy
Telephone Girl
Sinking in the Lonesome Sea
Stolen Love
Miller's Reel
You Have Been a Friend to Me
Let's Be Lovers Again
Leather Britches
Fifty Miles of Elbow Room
The Ace
Rabbit in a Pea Patch
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380dale.jpg (68739 bytes)
Steve Davidson, Oscar Harris, and Dale Jett doing a beautiful rendition of Tommy Thompson's "Twisted Laurel"
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408dancers_three.jpg (67830 bytes)
Set 2
Yellow Rose of Texas
Aragon Mill
Play Rocky Top
The Band Was Playing Dixie
The Winding Stream
Daniel Prayed
Sally Ann
Wagon Yard
Hobo's Last Letter
Give Me the Roses
Beale Street Blues
Suzannah Gal
Views from the stage (Thanks to Anne Berry for the suggestion!) bill_dancers.jpg (82780 bytes) 413back.jpg (66961 bytes)
426stage.jpg (79101 bytes)
Mike's smile!
423back.jpg (88436 bytes) The view from the audience 418stagewide.jpg (94671 bytes)

A young man walked up to Jim Watson after the show.  He was visiting from Washington state and came to the show with friends.  He said "There's nothing like this out in Washington."

Jim answered, "There's nothing like this anywhere else in the world."

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Bren Overholt, Anna Hicks, Anne Berry, and Susan Newberry caught enjoying the encore. (Pics by Bren except for a few from her hubby Tommy)

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The Smithsonian magazine article about the Red Clay Ramblers at the Fold 1976
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