The January Tour of 2004!
Six String Cafe, Cary NC ~~ Cook Shack, Union Grove NC
Down Home, Johnson City TN ~~ Carter Family Fold, Hiltons VA
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Twin Fiddles At the Carter Family Fold, January 24, 2004
John McCutcheon (yellow shirt, fiddle) joins
Joe Newberry, Jim Watson, Bill Hicks, and Mike Craver
Sound Check
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Jim, Mike, and Bill with
Janette Carter and
John McCutcheon
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Mike's new piano!
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In the Green Room before the show with Daryl Jayne, who does a fine job with the sound at the Fold and has known the founders of the Red Clay Ramblers from waaaaay back.  A real fan, he got our guys to autograph the sound diagram for their microphones
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Joe Newberry and Jim Watson
write up the set lists.
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Bill Hicks greets friends and fans beside the stage before the show.  Look at that full house!
Janette Carter always requests "Daniel Prayed."  The guys still tell the story of the year they put it in the first set, then had to do it again in the second set by her request.  A video of the Red Clay Ramblers performing "Daniel Prayed" at the Fold in the early 80s is part of Appalshop's Sunny Side of Life documentary on the Carter Family.  Order yours from Elderly Instruments or Appalshop.
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The energy of Craver, Hicks, Watson, & Newberry  captured by photographer John Maeder
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Jim joins Janette Carter and her brother Joe on either side of Bill Clifton.  Clifton, a long time performer of bluegrass and old time music, is from the Hiltons area where he knew A.P. Carter and was very much influenced by him.
842_bill_jim_joe_dancers.jpg (64445 bytes)
Just look at the party! The folks in the seats have poured down to the dance floor. Our guys gave them tune after tune, and they danced to every song, fast or slow -- then clapped and stomped for an encore. 

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Set 1
Rockingham Cindy
Stolen Love
Telephone Girl
Fire on the Mountain/Sugar in the Gourd
You Have Been A Friend to Me
Anasazi Premonition
Mississippi Moon
Daniel Prayed
St. Anne's Reel
I Got What It Takes
The Ace
Rabbit in the Pea Patch
Set 2
Yellow Rose of Texas
Forked Deer
Aragon Mill
50 Miles of Elbow Room
Suzananna Gal
Wagon Yard
The Hobo's Last Letter
Breaking Up Christmas
Beale Street Blues
Merchants Lunch
Sally Ann (encore)

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January 23, 2004
Set 1
Rockingham Cindy
Stolen Love
Telephone Girl
Miller's Reel
The SOB in the Carvel Truck
Engine Engine #9
Down at the Crossroads
Watson, Come Here
My Carolina Sunshine Girl
Bill Mason
Daniel Prayed
I Got What It Takes
The Ace
Rabbit in the Pea Patch
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Dobro player Kevin Maul, a member of Robin and Linda Williams' Fine Group with Jim for many years, was in town and joined for part of the show.
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Eugene Wolf, who played the role of A.P. Carter in the Barter Theatre's production of Keep on the Sunny Side came onstage to sing the Carter Family's "You Have Been A Friend to Me" with Jim and Mike.
Set 2
Yellow Rose of Texas
Aragon Mill
You Have Been a Friend to Me
Wind and Rain
Argonne Wood
If the River Was Whiskey
Wagon Yard
Hobo's Last Letter
The Winding Stream
Beale Street Blues
Merchants Lunch
Sally Ann
Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss
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Cook Shack
Union Grove NC
January 22, 2004
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(front) The Cook Shack's Myles & Pat Ireland, Jim Watson and Gail Watts; (back) with Bill Hicks, Mike Craver, and Tom Watts
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The concert was videotaped and will be shown on Charlotte public access TV in a few weeks.  Watch for it! (And we'd love to have a copy.)
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Joe Cline took the pictures at the Cook Shack. Thank you, Joe!


The tour kicked off at the Six String Cafe in Cary NC, and we're hoping for some pics to turn up from there, too. And if you'd like to contribute some pics from any gig, just email them to  Unless credited otherwise, pics on this page were taken by Bren the Webgal, who recommends you check the other Carter Fold page below for more and better views of the guys at the Fold.
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