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The Videos
Yellow Rose of Texas
Down Home (2009)
Rabbit in the Pea Patch
Fiddle & Bow (2009)
Sally Ann
Carter Fold (2004)
Will You Miss Me
Down Home (2006)
You Have Been A Friend
Home Craft Days Festival (2010)
Merchants Lunch
Marsh Woodwinds (2011)
Tying 10 Knots in the Devil's Tail
Festival for the Eno (2012)
Piney Mountains
The Rooster's Wife (2012)
Leather Britches
Charlottesville (2013)
Sally Ann
ArtsCenter (2013)
Aragon Mill
ArtsCenter (2013)
Play "Rocky Top"
Blue Note Grill (2014)
The Man From Tennessee
Rappahanock (2014)
Ship in the Clouds/Red Fox
Six String (2014)
Play "Rocky Top"
Six String (2014)
Sally Ann
Six String (2014)
My Old Cottage Home
Home Craft Days (2014)
Craver, Hicks,
Watson, Newberry

Fans have posted their own videos plus some of ours on YouTube.  There are likely many more than we have listed.  Just search!

Southern Village
Piney Mountains
Uncloudy Day
Aragon Mill

Cook Shack
I'm Getting Ready to Go
Man From Tennessee
How Does A Glass Eye Work
Butterfield Stage
Hobo's Last Letter
Uncloudy Day

Charlotte Folk Society
Texas Gals (Gales)
Daniel Prayed
Weary Prodigal Son

Fairgrove Music Hall
I'm Getting Ready to Go
Uncloudy Day
Telephone Girl
Merchants Lunch

40 Acres House Concert
Miller's Reel
50 Miles of Elbow Room
Butterfield Stage
Calling the Prodigal

Big Muddy Folk Festival
Rabbit in a Pea Patch
and Aragon Mill

Fire on the Mountain TV Show with the Red Clay Ramblers ~1985
(host David Holt, filmed on location at The Stompin' Ground, Maggie Valley NC)
Merchants Lunch
I Crept Into the Crypt
The Parting Hand

Aragon Mill Video by David Eustice
The Red Clay Ramblers' recording is the soundtrack for a collage of band pics, Bobbie Thompson's drawings, and scenes of mill towns and workers.  Bobbie was Tommy Thompson's wife, and David is married to Tommy's daughter Jessie.

Mike Craver, Bill Hicks, Jim Watson and Joe Newberry
A new feature!  We're adding some very amateur videos shot by your webgal with a digital camera at the shows.  We still think they're fun and a way to share the band with our readers beyond still images.  The files are "WMV" format and play in Windows Media Player and Winamp for sure.  Any fans who have a problem viewing, please write to the Webgal to complain.  There's probably something we can do.
Sally Ann - Carter Fold
Will You Miss Me - Down Home
Sugar Hill - Cook Shack
Man from Tennessee - Cook Shack
Aragon Mill - Cook Shack
Thoroughly African Man - Cook Shack
Daniel Prayed - ArtsCenter
Yellow Rose/Soldiers Joy - Oak Grove

Saturday night finale at the 2008 Oak Grove Folk Festival
Linda Williams, Joe Newberry, Jim Watson, John McCutcheon,
Bill Hicks, Mike Craver and Robin Williams
"Yellow Rose of Texas"/"Soldier's Joy" (19 megs)
(pics from this show)
The dancers at the Carter Family Fold are a show in themselves.  Craver, Hicks, Watson, Newberry are burning up "Sally Ann" and the dancers join in. There's a short version that's just the finale and a longer one, too.  Don't miss the dancin' shoes with the blue lights!

"Sally Ann" - full length (3.9 megs)
"Sally Ann" finale (1.0 megs)
Carter Family Fold 2004
(pics from this show)

Videos and pictures
are by Bren Overholt.
The background pic is
by Robert Donnan
A fan requested Mike to sing "Will You Miss Me" and he obliged.  The harmony lines will give you chills.

"Will You Miss Me"  (2.4 megs)
Down Home 2006
(pics from this show)

The venue is the close confines of the Cook Shack in Union Grove NC.  The Ramblers sing "Sugar Hill" right into the cam in the front row.

"Sugar Hill" (3.3 megs)
Cook Shack 2006
(pics from this show)

Three from the 2007 Cook Shack show
"The Man from Tennessee"
(6.6 megs) 
"Aragon Mill"
(7.6 megs)
"Thoroughly African Man"
(10 megs)
(pics from this show)

"Daniel Prayed"
(6 megs)
ArtsCenter 2007
(pics from this show)

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