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Craver, Hicks, Watson, Newberry
August '05 Tour
Carter Family Fold
August 20, 2005

Janette Carter and Barbara Poole enjoy the show from seats on the stage.  Janette's parents, A. P. and Sara Carter are pictured behind the band.

First Set List
Yellow Rose of Texas
Aragon Mill
Henhouse Blues
While the Band Is Playing Dixie
Wagon Yard
Hobo's Last Letter
Rockingham Cindy
I Know Whose Tears
Uncle Charlie's Revenge
Miller's Reel
Beale Street Blues
janette_mike_singalong803.jpg (49163 bytes)
Janette Carter sings along with Mike on "You Have Been A Friend to Me."  Barbara Poole, a musician herself who recently performed at the Grand Old Opry, is the granddaughter of fiddler Norman Edmonds.
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crowd800.jpg (59496 bytes)
The dancers fill the floor in front of the band
oblurs_soundcheck734.jpg (37566 bytes)
Craver, Hicks, Watson, Newberry play behind a poster for last year's Carter Family Festival where they were the show closers on Friday night.
Second Set List
Susananna Gal
Stolen Love
Telephone Girl
Meeting in the Air
Soldier's Joy
Daniel Prayed
You Have Been A Friend to Me
I've Got What It Takes
Sugar Hill
The Ace
Leather Britches
Merchants Lunch
Rabbit in the Pea Patch

Sights around the Carter Fold
Here's the window Tommy Thompson crashed through in 1975, the first time the Red Clay Ramblers played at A. P. Carter's store. Read about it in the Smithsonian.
apcarterstore740.jpg (12420 bytes)
janette_jim306.jpg (64378 bytes) Jim Watson greets Janette Carter
as she arrives for the show.
Dale Jett, Janette Carter, Barbara Poole, and Oscar Harris started the night's entertainment with "Anchored in Love" and "Keep on the Sunny Side"
dale_janette761.jpg (61005 bytes)
dancers778.jpg (65239 bytes)
The folks love to dance at the Fold
dale_grampa784.jpg (57705 bytes)
Dale Jett watches the show first near his grandparents A. P. and Sara Carter's images, then joins his mother Janette in front of their aunt Maybelle Carter.
sara_janette_dale791.jpg (27881 bytes)
The Crooked Road links many old-time musical venues in southwest Virginia. It starts at the Ralph Stanley Museum and wanders past the Carter Family Fold, the Birthplace of Country Music Alliance Museum and ends in Franklin County (home of your webgal) at the Blue Ridge Folklife Museum.  Check out all the venues at their website.
crookedroad_bill743.jpg (70417 bytes)
bill_daryl321a.jpg (56334 bytes)
Anne Berry snapped Bill Hicks and Daryl Jayne in front of Johnny and June.  Daryl does a fine job with the sound at the Fold.
After the Show
aftershow808.jpg (84652 bytes)
aftershow_hotel329ab.jpg (49933 bytes)
Here's your webgal with Jim, Joe, and Mike at the after-show party back at the Econolodge.  We were using the website to answer the burning question "Were the Red Clay Ramblers wearing the same clothes in their first pic with Janette Carter as they wore on the back of Twisted Laurel?"  (No).

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The pictures were taken by Bren Overholt and Anne Berry.

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