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Craver, Hicks, Watson, Newberry
August '05 Tour
Down Home
Johnson City TN
August 19, 2005

In the category of "you just had to be there," a fan dubbed Mountain Girl set the tone for the kickoff concert at the Down Home in Johnson City TN.  Jim cautions the crowd.

First Set List
Sally Ann
Stolen Love
Telephone Girl
Meeting in the Air
SOB in the Carvel Truck
Mother the Queen of My Heart
You Have Been A Friend to Me
Sugar Hill
I've Got What It Takes
The Ace
Leather Britches
Merchants Lunch
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Joe Newberry, Jim Watson, Bill Hicks, Mike Craver
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Bill says "We're a meta oldies band as we were already doing oldies when we started in the '70s."
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Jim declared that Joe Newberry is an official "honorary ex-Rambler."  Joe says about playing with the O'Blurs: "It's like the music in my radio coming through my fingertips.  It's an honor to play with these guys.  The first party I went to when I moved to NC, I said 'that guy plays like Bill Hicks...it IS Bill Hicks!'"
Second Set List
Yellow Rose of Texas
Aragon Mill
Henhouse Blues
One Little Word
Wagon Yard
Hobo's Last Letter
Will You Miss Me
Engine Engine #9
Tell Mother I Will Meet Her
Daniel Prayed
I Know Whose Tears
Uncle Charlie's Revenge
Rabbit in the Pea Patch
Beale Street Blues
Susananna Gal
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oblurs619.jpg (37506 bytes)We met cousins Elaine and John at the show.  John was present in 1975 when the Red Clay Ramblers first played at A. P. Carter's store, and Tommy Thompson crashed part way through a window he leaned against.  Elaine and her friends from Sullivan Central High School's class of '77 skipped the senior prom to go hear the Ramblers at the Fold!

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The pictures were taken by Bren Overholt and Anne Berry.

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