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Page 2: Scenes around Omagh

Craver, Hicks, Watson, Newberry
14th Annual Appalachian & Bluegrass
Music Festival
Ulster American Folk Park
Omagh, County Tyrone, N. Ireland 
September 3-4, 2005

Bill Hicks, Mike Craver, Joe Newberry, and Jim Watson in the reconstructed 1850s Irish Village in the Ulster American Folk Park.

Read the short blog of the trip

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1919rainbow.jpg (52312 bytes)
Most of the group with host Billy Donnelly and a rainbow.
1981mikehouse.jpg (22795 bytes)
1980billguitar.jpg (36427 bytes)
1912mike.jpg (11214 bytes)
Craver, Hicks, Watson, Newberry and Robin & Linda Williams and Their Fine Group stayed at the Golden Hill Guest House, hosts Joyce and Billy Donnelly
2131jim.jpg (14309 bytes)
There's something about this view...
1915jim_iron.jpg (33510 bytes)
Fixing up for the show
1982robinlindafinegroup.jpg (30428 bytes)
1908mike.jpg (54352 bytes)
2081jim_cows.jpg (21373 bytes)
Jim said, "cows are always wondering..."
Anne Berry did a terrific
job taking most of
these pics for us.
Many thanks!
1903jimanne.jpg (18830 bytes)
Riding back and forth to the gigs in the van (and catching a nap)
1990van.jpg (31021 bytes)2075van_nap.jpg (14543 bytes)
1922bill_irishwhiskey.jpg (27271 bytes)
1923jimmike.jpg (42655 bytes)
1935oblurspub.jpg (19449 bytes)
Of course the guys checked out an Irish pub!
1956beach.jpg (20743 bytes)
A beach on a cove in County Donegal, Republic of Ireland
012beach.jpg (16928 bytes)
1964signpost.jpg (25721 bytes)
A stop near the village of Belleek
018bus.jpg (20284 bytes)
A Rambler bus!
2065susan.jpg (20725 bytes)Susan Newberry, wife of Joe as well as executive director of Piedmont Council of Traditional Music (Pinecone), lined up the American bands for the festival.  Mike dubbed her "Svengali, liaison, den mother, escort officer, and general all around interlocutress." Thanks, Susan!
2141bernhardt.jpg (24050 bytes)2142oblurs.jpg (22816 bytes)
A Sunday discussion with Professor Jack Bernhardt, also a correspondent for the Raleigh News & Observer.
021causeway.jpg (48237 bytes) Views of the Giant's Causeway
This area is on the north coast of Northern Ireland and near the Bushmills distillery
020causeway.jpg (20887 bytes)
029causeway.jpg (18586 bytes) 032bill.jpg (38034 bytes)
The basalt stones were created underwater then thrust to the surface by volcanic activity.  Or by the giant Finn McCool.  Take your pick.
001airport.jpg (31318 bytes)
Joe Newberry, Jack Bernhardt, and Reed Burgess of King Wilkie
Airport Shots
002airport.jpg (26732 bytes)
Mike and Mary Lee Porterfield, board member of the Piedmont Council of Traditional Music (Pinecone)

Page 1: Ireland concert pics
Read the short blog of the trip
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The pictures were taken by Anne Berry and Bill Hicks.

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